Systemic Inclusion Audit

Becoming a best practice inclusive organisation does not simply occur through training and building awareness and skills. Ensuring that you can acquire, develop and advance the talent that builds exceptional teams, whilst also leveraging their unique individual talents and perspectives to deliver commercial outcomes, requires whole systems thinking.

Regardless of where you are in your diversity journey (starting out, gaining pace or going to the next level) we can help.  We review how all the frameworks, policies, processes and systems fit together to make diversity work for you and build an inclusive culture, or identify where it acts as an obstacle for those who are different.

Our Systemic Inclusion Audit generates insights inot:

  • Leadership and governance
  • Strategy alignment and integration
  • Talent acquisition and development
  • Frameworks, systems, policies and processes
  • Culture and communications
  • Metrics and measurement
  • Overall business impact

This insight ensures you can refine the design of your whole ecosystem to make diversity a source of business advantage, and the effort you expend on special initiatives deliver an effective return.

We generate these insights from analysing and synthesising data from diverse sources including business documentation, quantitative employee and business data, surveys, interviews and focus groups.