Inclusion Leadership Index

The Inclusion Leadership Index (ILI) 360°assessment tool is the first of its kind designed to answer the specific question “How can I be more inclusive?”

The ILI is based on Symmetra’s Inclusion Competency Model which defines and measures the core skills and competencies of inclusive leaders in terms of observable behaviours:

Inclusion Competency

Inclusion Competency

This measure of inclusiveness based on the views of managers, peers and employees provides an indispensable metric as companies grapple with ways to measure and reward leaders for their inclusive management approaches.


So what can be done with the results on the ILI?

  • ILI results are best delivered to a leader through a one-on-one debrief by a skilled coach to distil more detailed insights and design an individual development plan.
  • Inclusion Skills Coaching can be engaged in for a systematic capability build on inclusion, informed by the blind spots and areas highlighted for development in the ILI assessment.
  • The data obtained from the assessment can be used to inform the structure of a bespoke Inclusion Skills Program.
  • The progress of a leaders’ development / leadership team on being inclusive can be benchmarked year on year for a rigorous and granular measure where Diversity and Inclusion is a KPI.



Symmetra offers an accreditation process to build internal capability for delivering ILI assessments and debriefs in your organisation – an indispensable tool for internal HR and leadership development business partners who are supporting and coaching your leaders.